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  DCABES 2011  
  The 10th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications for Business Engineering and Science  
  Venue Arrangements  

There are two choices as follows:

1. Zhishan Hotel of Jiangnan University

Address: No 1800, Lihu Avenue , Wuxi China

Telephone: +86-510-85329888

Room type: Standard Room for single /double occupancy

Room rate: CNY 220.00 per room per nightnot including foods

2. Changguanxi Hotel

Address: No. 1 Yuanxi Road , Taihu New City , Wuxi , Jiangsu , China

Telephone: +86-510-85912777

Room type:    Standard Room for single /double occupancy

Room rate:    CNY 280.00 per room per nightnot including foods

  Tourist Information  
Lingshan Buddhist Scenic spot
Overview of Lingshan

        Located in Wuxi,a famous cultural city between Shanghai and Nanjing. Lingshan Buddhist Scenic spot is a special large theme park of Buddhism. As the well-known brand of China tour,Lingshan has become the symbol of Wuxi tour,a popular scenic spot on the tour route in East China and the Buddhist tourist attraction well-known at home and abroad.Nearly 2 million visitors from all over the world have visited Lingshan each year.
        Construction of Lingshan begun in 1994, Lingshan Scenic spot is composed of "Lingshan Grand Buddha"-The world tallest copper standing statue of Sakyamuni, the ancient Xiangfu Temple with a history over one thousand years;Nine Dragons Bathing The Baby Buddha,a group of large-sized dynamic musical sculptures;and aseries of well-designed buddhist scenic spots.
        More Infomation:Click here

Route Solutions: (A:Wuxi station,B:Jiangnan University)

(1)Bus Route :

77 Wuxi Central Station(无锡中央车站)---Wuxi Station(无锡站)----Jiangnan University(江南大学

133 Wuxi Central Station(无锡中央车站)-----Jiangnan University(江南大学


Wuxi Central Station(无锡中央车站)------Jiangnan University(江南大学) (about50.00)
Wuxi Station(无锡站)-----Jiangnan University(江南大学) (about50.00)

Wuxi Airport(无锡硕放机场)-----Jiangnan University(江南大学)