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  DCABES 2011  

Welcome   to DCABES 2011 International Symposium (14 ~17 October 2011) held inWuxi  , China .              

Please  register before June 15th 2011 to get a discount for the registration fees   and before June 20th 2011 to ensure that your paper will be included in   this conference Proceedings.

Registration fee:                    


1. For people outside the mainland of China : 460 USD (earlier registration); 520 USD (later registration)                  


2.  For Full time post graduate student: 400 USD(earlier registration); 460 USD(later registration)                  


3.   For Full time undergraduate student: 350 USD (earlier registration); 410 USD (later registration)                      


4.  For attendee without paper publication: 150 USD   Bank information of registration fees:

Account with Bank: Bank of China,Wuxi Branch No.258 Zhongshan Road,Wuxi 214002,Jiangsu,P.R.China


Beneficiary:   Name :Jiangnan university

Address :No.1800 Lihu Road,Wuxi  214122,Jiangsu,P.R.China

Tel :0510-85913145

Account No. :820102346018094014


The  registration fee includes a CD of DCABES 2011 Proceeding, welcome banquet on the conference opening day, coffee/tea breaks, and access to all professional and social activities of the DCABES2011. Extra banquet tickets and proceedings can be bought at our conference site.                      


Students  must submit a proof of full time student status to get a discount. Please   scan the student card and send the photo to DCABES 2011 organizers by  email.                  


Please  remember to specify the registrant' name, paper reference number and  DCABES 2011 on all payments.                  


If    you have a paper accepted, please register before June 15th,  2011 in   order to get  registration fee discount, and before June 20, 2011 to guarantee your  paper to be included in the conference proceedings.                          


For  each person at most only two papers could be accepted while she/he is the  first author of the papers. The number of accepted papers is not limited  for non first authors.                      

The registration fee of each accepted paper should be fully paid.